Purpose of the Strategic Plan

The purpose of this strategic plan report is two fold. On the one hand, the strategic plan serves as a planning and a management tool for the Office of the Prime Minister. On the other hand, it serves as the strategy of this office for the next five years 

Major Achievements
Following a series of workshops conducted since the commencement of the strategic planning process, a number of major achievements were recorded by OPM. These include among others, the following: 

  •  Identified the high level initiatives of government impacting on OPM strategy; 
  •  Clarified the mandate of OPM; 
  •  Conducted external and internal environmental assessments; 
  •  Validated and consolidated the high level statements; 
  •  Formulated and described the core values; 
  •  Identified strategic issues of OPM; 
  •  Formulated strategic themes and objectives;
  •  Developed a strategy map of OPM; and 
  •  Developed a Corporate Scorecard.

Download OPM 2011-2016 Strategic Plan